In depth review of As a God Might Be from The Literary Review
‘…the Costa-shortlisted novelist Neil Griffiths manages to make theology urgent, hip, even sexy in his capacious, breathtaking third book…’” —

As a God Might Be by Neil Griffiths review – midlife crisis or the voice of God? A man turns his life upside down in an ambitious, generous novel about the limits of faith and love” —

“For a six-hundred page novel about a man’s spiritual crisis As a God Might Be is a compulsive page-turner. Harnessing the gripping social and ethical complexities of Iris Murdoch or Stephen Poliakoff, the focus of the novel opens out from Proctor McCullough and the mismatched band of waifs and strays that come to help him build his church, to his circle of friends and family in London.” —

“As A God Might Be is a humdinger of a book which sucks you into the great swirling paradoxical world of what it is to be human. It is a long, complex and disturbing read – at times uplifting and at others exasperating, which is how life is.” —

“There is no middle flight about this mighty novel. And at its heart there is that divine madness which is the mark of the true work of art” —

“Imagine, if you can, a contemporary novel with the theological engagement of Dostoyevsky and the ethical seriousness of George Eliot . . . AS A GOD MIGHT BE addresses with some of the most serious and pressing questions about our twenty-first century sense of identity without either cynicism or soppiness and it will confront all open-hearted (or minded) readers with themselves and the universe they stand in. This is a strange, disturbing and extremely beautiful novel. It is the sort of novel I thought could not be written nowadays. How lovely and exciting to be wrong” —

“A bold, provocative and disorienting novel. Its metaphysical questing, moral conundrums and sexual entanglements are worthy of Iris Murdoch” —

As a God Might Be is written with energy and vividness and deals uncompromisingly honestly with the human complexities of encountering and speaking about God” —

AS A GOD MIGHT BE is a stunning existential drama – concerned principally with the reasonable unreason of a modern-day Brand or Fitzcarraldo, and, furthermore, the mortal struggle to find a path through life, to nurture those we love, to achieve anything at all, however tenuous and time-beleaguered.  Beautifully written and brilliantly conceived – a monumental achievement” —

“The ambition and moral sweep of the novel is brilliant as is the gentle but insistent voice” —

“This huge novel is a magnificent achievement – ambitious, complex, challenging and startlingly good. There’s been nothing like it in fiction since Earthly Powers” —